It is that time of the year….

…..when unless you are at the SHOT show and posting pics of the new products, nobody reads your gun blog.

I shall anxiously await for Cool Gun of the Year, Cool Gadget of the Year, WTF Gun of the year (So far the Mossberg 464 SPX lever-action rifle appears to be winning) and WTF Gadget of the Year. If you are a blogger and “accidentally” take a picture of gun babes, I will understand, just share with us mortals at home.

I have been told that services will be held twice daily at Our Lady of Tactical Magpul for those of the M4 Faith in booths 20152 and 20263.

Those of you going, have fun and ignore the curses from those of us staying home.

And do say hi to Paul Helinski when you see him.

UPDATE: First pics arriving already.

Reason why I was not allowed to go. SWMBO is a hard taskmistress.

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  1. The Mossberg fills me with want because I live in a state with an active AWB (NY) and this looks like it should be banned but isn’t. That would make the antis cry.



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