For Rick: Husband Shoots At “Intruder”, Turns Out To Be Wife.

Rick from the South Florida Daily Blog sent me this link regarding a negligent shooting. I found out this other site that provides a bit more information that will come handy for examination purposes. By the way Rick, for myself and I am sure I speak for the rest of the gun bloggers, we are very happy you are willing to learn and expand your knowledge and we will be always happy to help you.

OK, let’s summarize the facts of the case. Quoting from the second link:

He heard some noises coming from the first floor,” Miami-Dade police Detective Alvaro Zabaleta said. “As he walked downstairs, he armed himself with a firearm, and at that point is when he turned the corner, met face to face and pulled the trigger and shot.”

A quick review of the Four Rules and also so Rick gets to know them:

1) All Guns are Always Loaded.
2) Never Aim The Gun at Anything You Are Not Willing to Destroy.
3) Keep You Finger Off The Trigger Until You Are Ready To Shoot.
4) Be Aware Of Your Target and What Is Behind It.

Top of my head, Hubby screwed with Rules 2, 3 and 4 which is always a very bad combination. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Violation of Rule 2: Hubby was on the move. He probably was doing his best Hollywood gun stance as he was going downstairs, that means muzzle facing forward and probably arms fully extended. I am a fan of the Compressed Ready Position as it gives up very little control, it is easier to maintain in a long run and does not have the muzzle outright forward following the line of movement but the gun can be brought to eye level on a swift punching motion.
Violation of Rule 3: At a basic level, we are still predatory monkeys that react a certain way when faced against a perceived threat. The Fight/Flight/Fright combo makes our bodies react by reducing our size (crouching), protecting our body’s main locations (Chest/Head) and by creating the most fundamental of weapons: a fist. That means we unconsciously and forcefully close our fingers which tends to be a bad thing when one of them is resting over the trigger. Referring again to the picture above, the finger must be outside the trigger guard and preferably alongside the frame of the gun. It is very probable that hubby’s sudden face to face with the wife was surprising and scary enough to provoke a basic reaction and the booger hook activated the bang stick.

Violation Rule 4: It is obvious that target identification was not achieved. Unless there is some other story not told, Hubby failed miserably in this matter and I am sure long weeks of dog house are in his future. Illumination could have also been the problem. A good tactical flashlight is necessary and must be with your weapon or on your weapon for low light or no light situations. Training with this item is simple so it shouldn’t be a big problem to be at least well versed with a little practice.
No matter what, You Do Not Shoot What You Have Not Identified As A Threat.

I wanted to go on with Slicing The Pie and Fatal Funnel, but the post is getting long enough. For the uninitiated, Slicing the Pie is basically Extreme Hide & Seek “played” while doing a house clearing. House clearings must be done by individuals only under exigent circumstances such as saving a family member from immediate danger or remaining on the original position becoming too hazardous. Other than that I am a firm believer in ensconcing, pulling out home artillery and let the idiots come to you.

Feel free to add your two centavos in the comments section. And I would like to thank Rick from bringing a case that teaches us the importance of following the Four Rules.


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  1. Not to place any blame on the wife at all, but especially when you’ve been extra concerned about crime and are on edge, it’s a good idea to notify each other when you will be arriving at unexpected times.

  2. It’s a crass thing to say wonders what they’re monetary situation was like and what the current state of the marriage was…because just off hand..I’d say he violated 2 certainly, 3 almost certainly, and 4 for goddamn sure…’on purpose’. *shrug* I’ve got a nasty and suspicious mind……….

    On the other hand…as friends of mine are always quick to remind me…don’t put down to malice what can be easily explained by stupidity.

  3. Way to troll, Rick, you obviously don’t care a wit about this tragedy.

    For those of us who DO care, the solution is more training, and getting the word out to our fellow gun owners.

    And we need common sense Rick control.

      1. Actually he’s VERY effective in showing the standard anti-agenda.

        Ban guns, and who cares who dies in the process!

        He presented this tragic story as a clever chink in the pro-rights armor, and had zero regard to what actually happened.

        If you care about life you care about facts, if you care about facts you know you’re better off armed than not.

        He’s super effective!

  4. Not to be insensitive, but accidents happen. You don’t give up a good thing just because something bad happens.

    Ambulances and fire trucks are pretty useful, but they have a tendency to drive fast and ignore stop signs… sometimes with fatal consequences.

      1. What’s hilarious is the “Debate” over there.

        I’d be frustrated if these guys pulled any weight…and they don’t.

        We don’t need to DO anything but keep pushing better laws and rolling back the bad ones these fools thought were a good idea.

  5. You guys really want…wait…you really NEED someone to yell at, don’t you?

    Here’s the deal: I saw a news story that I thought it would be interesting to get Miguel’s perspective on. I was actually kinda surprised he hadn’t heard about it, but whatever…I provided the link when requested. Miguel gave his analysis and that was fine with me. So I didn’t comment. Maybe I should have said “thanks” or something and for that I apologize but I really just wanted to hear his take on things.

    I’m not anti-gun, although you say I am. I’m not a troll, although you say I am. I mean, just look at the time I spent in the other post I commented on.

    So I guess you all have a couple choices. You can believe me or you can take another handful of cheez doodles, wash it down with a gulp of Miller Lite and continue to get mad…at nothing. Yeah, I know cheez doodles is probably capitalized. You all are so unforgiving.


    1. You can believe me or you can take another handful of cheez doodles, wash it down with a gulp of Miller Lite

      And that is why we don’t believe what you say. You could not resist falling into the usage of prejudiced images to insult us. But bitch loudly when we point out your shortcomings.

      My fellow shooters and readers of this blog encompass a wide variety of people. The shooting club I belong to was called the worst nightmare for the Rainbow Coalition: we have latinos, whites, blacks, orientals and some of undetermined origin. We have people from Law Enforcement, Medical professionals, Lawyers, Judges, salesmen & women, housewives, married & divorced, former and active military, Cigar & Brandy aficionados and teetotalers, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independents. We are flyover country, a cross-section of America. Your ilk is in the minority.

      And having a gun does not make you a part of the culture nor gives you an insight or the wisdom. Many an anti gunner have guns, but they do not see the contradiction because “For Me but not for Thee” is the way they believe things should be. They are the animals with more rights than the other animals… or so they think.
      They are just hypocrites.

      And yes, if you try to restrict our rights, we are a downright unforgiving bunch. Deal with it.

    2. Miller Lite? who in their right minds drinks that shit? Not I..I have highly refined beer palate. Cheeze Doodles? Nah I dig pretzels. Although if it’s gotta be a cheesy bagged snack…I’m moderately fond of Doritos. Cheetos and the like are too messy for me.

      1. Hmmm…just a thought…let me ‘splain. Lite[pretty much any lite beer with few exceptions] to me = love in a canoe. In a strange bit of irony though..FREE beer is GOOD beer because I didn’t have to pay for it. My tastes run towards a good microbrew and imports. One of my favorite of the latter is a Belgian that has been brewed by Trappist monks for 150yrs. But the subject of a good brew is an ENTIRELY separate discussion.

    3. We don’t need anything. Have a look, we’re winning. We’re rolling back crappy gun laws, and pushing common sense and safety forward. For all your flailing and gnashing of teeth you’ve got NOTHING.

      Nope, you can keep doing what you’re doing, you can do nothing, you can redouble your efforts, won’t make a bit of difference to me, Miguel, or anybody.

      You keep saying you’re not anti gun, but you don’t seem to DO anything but spout anti-gun talking points. You walk like a duck, and quack like one too…you can TELL me you’re a chicken or an eagle all you want.

      As for you not being a troll, can you tell me one trait you express over here that is not troll-like?

      1. He considers himself not Antin Gun because he owns one. But he is the same way Dianne Feinstein or Rosie or that Mayor in Alabama: For me not for theee.
        People are not hip or smart or even trustful enough to let them have guns, they are The Only Ones.
        In a sense, I have a minimalistic smidgen more respect for Japete than Rick, at least she does not try to hide what she wants or who she is.

  6. I give back what I get, Miguel. You’ve come at me throwing shots like telling me I’m a hippy or a liberal hipster or whatever the eff else you’ve branded me then I’m thinking it’s you that needs to stop playing the poor victim here. Cowboy up, Dude, stop boo-hooing and deal with it because it works both ways.

    Just for the record, I’m a big fan of cheez doodles and some kinds of domestic beers.


    1. Dude, have you read your own blog? You are a Liberal Hipster! Why are you so intent on hiding it?

      I am a Gunnie, Gun Nut, Second Amendment Freak, Pro Gun Activist, (add your own here) and damn proud of it.

      You are ashamed of what you are and for that I feel bad for you.

      1. I haven’t been hip for over 35 years and even that’s debateable, but go ahead and run with that since that’s all you have left in your magazine.

        As always, it’s been fun.


    1. I am sure he thinks so. 🙂

      Let him have fun. He is the one that believes the Bill of Rights and Civil Rights are supposed to be regulated the same way as American Idol.

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