I want, I want! Coonan 1911 in .357 Magnum.

Since I was a kid, I have been an aficionado of the .357 Magnum. I am the proud owner of revolvers in that caliber but, a semi auto? Oh hell yeah!

The Coonan has been out for a while prior to the SHOT Show, but it is still that Dark Object of my Desire.

That damned Lotto still refuses to come my way!

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  1. Oh, yesssssssssss! I’ve always wanted someone to come out with a .357 auto and all reports I’ve read about this pistol make me drool even more than the dogs sniffing a T-bone.
    Haven’t spoken with my dealer yet, but the CC company is going to fill their panties when they see the bill.

      1. ROFL, Miguel- will you put me on the SPAM list even if I come down and let you shoot and drool over it? πŸ˜€
        I showed the vid to my son and he started drooling, too. Then we spent half the morning watching other vids of people shooting it, even little girls! Wow, yes- I’m getting one ASAP.

    1. There is always the Desert Eagle in 357 (which is friggin huge), but I’ve often heard they have problems jamming or whatnot, so this would be my first pick if I had the money for one.

  2. I’ve been at the range shooting next to someone with the Coonan 357. The report and flames from that thing were impressive. What’s more amazing is seeing brass that size being flung back after each shot. It would be fun to own and shoot.

  3. Last year at the NRA con I found myself talking with Dan Coonan for a good while, he’s a really nice guy.

    I’m really contemplating building myself another FAL off of one of his receivers.

  4. The Coonan is awesome! Its not new either. I bought my first one over 20 years ago. It is incredibly easy to shoot. Its the super long recoil. With full power 125 grain loads it just settles right back on target as fast as you can pull the trigger. Plus they clock in at 200-300 fps faster than revolver speeds because there is no cylinder gap.

    Only downside is its BIG and the old 8 round mags cant be found anymore. Please beg for a 10mm Magnum version!

    Oh and the new ones are beautifully made!

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