Book Review: Proclaiming Liberty.

Proclaiming Liberty: What Patriots and Heroes Really Said About the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a much needed book of Second Amendment quotes. Author Phillip Mullivor asked me to review the book and being the book junkie I am, could not pass the opportunity.

I have no doubt that the turning point in the war for the Second Amendment came about the same time regular citizens were able to bypass the Old Media and communicate with each other via the Internet. The fight is still here and raging hot because more and more information is being proved or disproved with the amazing access we have. But sometimes the data is not pure and sometimes is just plain BS, specially in the realm of quotes.

Phillip Mullivor took the time to research and gather a great selection of real quotes mostly in favor of the Second Amendment, but also some told by the other side. All quotes come with a respective footnote indicating original source and that is what makes this little book great.

Our cause is the noble one. We do not need to make up facts, figures or quotes like the opposition does. But we must make sure that whatever material we use is truthful and not accept it because it was pre-quoted by somebody else on our side.

The book is available both on Dead Tree Media and Kindle so portability and availability is not a problem.

I’ll be donating this copy of the book to the Miami-Dade Library system. It is worth being where others can read it.


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    1. I promised the author that if I liked the book, I’d donate it to the Library. I am gonna get my copy in Kindle format… which meas I have to buy the darned apparatus after all 🙂

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