6 Replies to “Impeach Obama”

  1. Ouch Erin, black bacon would be way overcooked. Now if you put a bayonet on the can for opening it and cut the bacon to resemble picatinny rails we would achieve a tacticool product.

  2. sorry Erin bacon has many “tactical ” applications:
    1. if the top of the can is removed and the can is tossed in to fighting hole guess who comes out?

    2. when used during an interrogation guess who will talk rather then have it rubbed on their body??

    3. when used in strips and draped over the wire around your” hide” guess who won’t cross it?

    A great Gen. named Black Jack Persing invented tactical bacon only he used the whole pig.

    it is the tactical use of an item not necessarily the item itself

    “impervise adapt overcome ” H oooooooo Raaaaaaaaa

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