The Year of the Dragon Lady.

I think 2012 will be the year when women all over are gonna shake the Gun World and we Males better get ready for a hell of a ride.

Males in the Shooting Biz still quite have not gotten the message. You cannot slap pink on something and call it “Ladies” anything anymore. Ergonomics will have to figure out new designs that work a woman’s physique and do it quick. Perhaps a mid to regular single stack 9 mm size polymer handgun?

Also, I don’t see women getting into Action Shooting competition in a big way, but I do see a surge in defensive training tailored for them. I am sorry to say most guys are expecting and even demanding that women play by our rules: I got news, they are writing their own rules and the do not include them rolling on the mud every other weekend against us and calling it fun. Pragmatism will be key for women but pragmatism according to their lifestyles and not some Tactical Tommy idea on how they should behave/act/shoot. It will be more Mommy with a Glock that Femme Nikita.

And at the risk of sounding absolutely vulgar, our lack of vagina ownership will keep us guessing what they need. If we are smart, we will shut up, listen, just give them what they want, babysit the kids upon demand  and get the hell out of the way.

Million Moms Packing. Holy crap!


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  1. Take your thinking to the logical conclusion: it isn’t just that you don’t know what women want and need; you (meaning trainers, the industry, and pundits) don’t know what people want and need. Men and women. Young men and women without childhood training or relatives to teach them; urbanites who want to try hunting; retirees moving to gun-friendly states.

    Hand size is a real difference between men and women. Men generally detect horizontal movement much more quickly than women – perhaps sights can be optimized for women. Perhaps more women involved will get more states to allow noise-suppressors.


  2. If dressing up a firearm in pink and slapping hello-kitty stickers all over it and sliding a cup holder down the rail farm helps encourage someone who would not have otherwise purchased a firearm into actually doing so, then more power to them and anyone who sells them what they want.

    And that is the trick of it. Give people what they want, and the market will flourish. Tell people what they want – especially the type of people who actually buy firearms – and folks are going to tell you to pack sand and then find someone who will work with them :).


        1. The Hatfields v. McCoys war ended.
          Serbs & Croats are at a semblance of truce.
          Even 9mm v. .45 simmered down.

          IPSC v. IDPA?

          Fat Chance! 🙂

          PS: However ours is always a very polite war.


  3. As a woman shooter I could care less about pink or purple or betty boop on my gun. What matters to me is whether the firearm fits my hand and whether it is comfortable to shoot.
    I’ve went through different training and what works for men don’t always work for women. I’ve been lucky enough to have open minded instructors and friends that understand the differences between male and female physiology.
    Some women I know like the colorful pistols and that is fine, but the majority of ladies I shoot with would rather have a gun that makes shooting fun.


  4. Ergonomics are a funny thing. Of my guns my ex preferred my full frame 1911 the most.

    Longest slide gave the lightest feeling on working the action, the least felt, recoil, and the single stack gave the best feeling grip.

    Everyone’s an individual so the pool of “what works” will get larger.

    Holsters too. Look at how every guy has a different holster fit that works. Now add another group of varying bodyshapes.



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