Brady Campaign: There ought to be a law!

Note to the Unpaid Volunteer working for Brady’s Interwebs Desk: The use of the expression “There ought to be a law” is received by the reader with derision and jokes. It has become a socialist cliche and it usually makes people react the way opposite of what you intended to occur.

Then again is for the People’s Republic of California.

4 Replies to “Brady Campaign: There ought to be a law!”

    1. The Brady Campaign: Not only do we have no more money to hirer competent staffers or interns, we have not yet caught up to the present day.

  1. The BC should do their research and be aware that our fearful leaders in California are now trying to get an additional law against the open carry of long guns. OC of long guns has been used as a protest against the recent handgun open carry ban imposed on us serfs/subjects/drones here.

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