The Faustian Second Amendment?

O. Ricardo Pimentel in My warns us about the deal with the Devil that our Country made by respecting the Bill of Rights. One thing you must give to Anti Gunners is that they are champions on recycling. Unfortunately they only recycle the same tired excuses that people stopped buying long time ago. And he goes on why we should have more restrictions on Gun Ownership. He doies a good job trying to appear “reasonable” and acknowledging that Guns save lives, but we might be better if more “reasonable” that do not involve gun ownership could be found. I guess he forgot his way was tried and found deadly.  Ours is working and it is a Good First Step and If It Saves One Life, It Is Worth It. (I’ve been wanting to use these cliches for a while now 🙂 )

The sad fact is that, at sale, potential gun misusers often can’t be distinguished from people who will unfailingly use them legally and responsibly.

By the same token, we don’t know what males will be using their genitalia for consensual intercourse and what males will use them for rape. That does not mean we should start a campaign to force every guy in the country to wear a male chastity belt.

No? Consider this trend, pulled from a National Center for Injury Prevention and Control database. Nationally, there were 554 unintentional firearm deaths in 2009. There were 14,161 unintentional firearm injuries in 2010. Between 1999 and 2009, Texas had 643 unintentional firearm deaths.

You guys seriously have to get off this dead horse. Firearm related accidents have been dropping through the years (not thanks to the antis.) The same National Center for Injury Prevention and Control database post that for 2007 there were 617unintentional injuries by firearms (#16), 1,138 Unintentional Pedestrian deaths (#11), so apparently walking is more dangerous than owning a gun. Walking Control anyone?

And this one for me, takes the top:

Sure, this homeowner used a shotgun and no one is reasonably arguing that the government take away your long guns (assault rifles excepted).

So he does argue in favor Gun Confiscation after all.  Hypocrite much?


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  1. Yep I’ve seen those numbers and all I can say to him and others like him is “whatch you talkin about Willis?” You’ve seen me try to argue logically the numbers and what that boils down to as an actual percentage of population with our live in trollboy Rick. I give up trying to argue with idiots like them. From now on my answer is the same as a fellow Texan. “5 words. From My Cold, Dead, Hands!”



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