The Five Most Wanted (Guns)

Sharp as a Marble has the meme.

In no particular order:

Bighorn Armory .500 S&W Lever Action Rifle.
(Because you better be ready when the T-Rexes invade your neighborhood)

FN-FAL Paratrooper Model.
(Basically to say “F*** You, I own one now” to certain Foreign Government.)

Barrett .50 Cal rifle (Not choosy about the model)
(Because it awesome and scares Lib Politicos)

Stoner 63
(If I am gonna shoot poodle-molesting rounds, might as well do it a lot and with class)

The Model 1874 Sharps Shiloh.
(Yes, I love the movie too.)

Funny thing, no shooties or handguns made the list…this time around.

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