Gun Purse, you are doing it wrong.

Saw this on the Fox news Website: Rumer Willis (Bruce Willis & Demi Moore’s daughter) with a purse displaying an embossed S&W Sigma.

After a bit of research, I found out that the bag is made by an outfit called Vlieger & Vandam. I have no idea how chic or cool they are, but the bag is selling in their website for $360. Sigmas are found online for way under $300 and even with the crappy trigger, I would much rather have SWMBO carry the real thing rather than an emboss.

But what do I know about fashion?



9 Replies to “Gun Purse, you are doing it wrong.”

  1. I hope it does become the trendy thing to do. If it becomes common place to see the imprint of a handgun on things, I don’t have to worry about my handgun printing.

  2. Here’s a rumor you probably haven’t heard yet…that “Sigma” isn’t the only thing “printing” in that photo (check out her “post office”). Yes I’m “overusing” quotation marks a little here…trying to fit in enough sarcasm in this little bitty space isn’t easy.

    “I’m not ‘photogenic’…I don’t ‘fit the mold’…I don’t ‘bathe much’…I don’t ‘change my underwear’…”

    – Bennett Brauer

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