How not to rob in South Florida.

Dear Criminal:

You live in South Florida, not in Fairbanks or Duluth or anywhere north of Atlanta where it is cold. So, the use of certain items designed for wearing in cold weather might call undue attention upon your person with the corresponding response from your intended victim.

The incident began about 6 p.m. Tuesday as Oleg Flyaster, 64, and an associate were closing up the Gold Buyer store along the 5100 block of North Federal Highway.

According to Fort Lauderdale police, Flyaster said he was in an alley behind the business when he was approached by two men wearing ski masks.
“Broadway produced a handgun and stated ‘give up the money’,” an arrest affidavit said. “The victim was in fear for his life and retrieved his handgun and started shooting,” according to the document.

Let me see if I can make it clear: Ski Masks in Ft Lauderdale are as inconspicuous as Ted Nugent at a PETA Rally. Somebody is bound to notice.

God Bless dumb criminals.

2 Replies to “How not to rob in South Florida.”

  1. I wonder if the nutballs over at CSGV have posted about this and decried the evils of allowing evil solid citizens to own guns to fire upon poor innocent and misunderstood criminals? *snort*

  2. Darwin Awards should have a second award on stupid criminals.

    That said, the stupid people are normally the criminals in this day and age. Even more so in upcoming generations I believe. I blame MTV, VH1, and BET or something. And no, not y’alls and ours MTV. This MTV where it glamorizes being 16 and pregnant or something.

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