The 100 Cult Movies thing.

Found out about it via The Adaptive Curmudgeon’s Blog
My opinions FWIW on the movies I have watched:

2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick, 1968
(I still do not get tired of watching it)

Behind the Green Door, Artie Mitchell, Jim Mitchell, 1972
(As a trivia Answer, yes. Other than that…)

The Big Lebowski, Joel Coen, Ethan Coen, 1998
(Some movies you swear were filmed under cannabis, this is one. Fun)

Blade Runner, Ridley Scott, 1982
(Awesome, period)

Brazil, Terry Gilliam, 1985
(Remember I said some movies you swear were filmed under cannabis? This one was laced with PCP and radiator coolant. Tried to hard to be hip. Failed.)

Bride of Frankenstein, James Whale, 1935

Cannibal Holocaust, Ruggero Deodato, 1979
(I actually saw the whole crap. Film stock was wasted, my time was wasted and so was my money)

Dawn of the Dead, George A. Romero, 1978
(OK, no biggie IMHO)

Debbie Does Dallas, Jim Clark, 1978

Deep Red, Dario Argento, 1975
(Argento was a twisted soul back then. Great date movies)

Dirty Dancing, Emile Ardolino, 1987
(Again, really?)

Django, Sergio Corbucci, 1966
(Uhu… gimme Trinity & Sergio Leonne)

Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton, 1990
(I never understood the fascination of a Disney version of Freddy Krueger)

Emmanuelle, Just Jaeckin, 1974
(OK people, get a hold on the porno thing)

Enter the Dragon, Robert Clouse, 1973
(If you have to ask, go home. Long live The Bruce.)

Fight Club, David Fincher, 1999
(So Meatloaf had tits, so what?)

The Gods Must Be Crazy, Jamie Uys, 1981
(Cute, but I loved Jamie Uys’ Hidden Camera movies. 100% Un-PC)

Harold and Maude, Hal Ashby, 1971
( I fell asleep watching this one)

Hellraiser, Clive Barker, 1987
(Cool Pinhead makeup, that’s it)

It’s a Wonderful Life, Frank Capra, 1946
(I shouldn’t comment on this one, I have never been able to watch it all)

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, George Miller, 1981
(Yes, yes.. damned good)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, 1975
(Monty Forever!)

Repo Man, Alex Cox, 1984
(I know I saw it, just don’t remember it)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Jim Sharman, 1975
(To be watched only in a theater with all the other clowns)

Showgirls, Paul Verhoeven, 1995
(Only because it was available in cable)

Star Wars, George Lucas, 1977–2005
(Yes, it was good, now if George would stop fucking with it)

Tank Girl, Rachel Talalay, 1995
(The cartoons in the movie were better than the movie itself)

This Is Spınal Tap, Rob Reiner, 1984
(For a mocumentary it was pretty real. Loved it!)

The Warriors, Walter Hill, 1979
(“Warriors…come out and plaaaaay!” Oh hell yes a damn good movie)

Now, these are some movies that if they are not cult, should be:

The Princess Bride.
(Shut up and admit you like it)

The Phantom of the Paradise.
(There was nothing cooler than Death Records and its logo)

Boondock Saints
(veritas & aequitas anybody)

Clockwork Orange
(Just the music alone….)

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension.
(Amazed that it was even made. Loved it)

The Thing (1982)
(Robert Frost would have loved this movie)


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  1. I must lead a very, very sheltered life…I’ve seen Blade Runner, Enter the Dragon, and Clockwork Orange (no wonder I’m confused today).



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