Closed! Come back Sunday.

Going to the first jewel of the IDPA Triple Crown in Frostproof, Fl. It will be held at Frank Garcia’s Universal Shooting Academy, a place I’ve been trying to go for ages, but every time there was a match, something came along and could not make it.

I am planning on taking as many pics and notes as possible to make an AAR later next week. I know I will be totally abused by the Evil Podmistress Gail Pepin who apparently managed to shanghai the whole Proarms gang to the match.

PS: I set the alarm and forgot to feed the gator. Enter at your own risk.

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  1. Drat Miggy, I cannot torment you, this time… A last minute injury kept us home, however the rest of the crew will be there, watch out for Terri she’s even meaner than me! Shoot well, I hope to see you at the state match/


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