MAIG Superbowl TV ad that never was.

If you watched the Superbowl last night and thought you missed the Mayors Against Illegal Guns ad, maybe you did not after all.

According to an article in the Miami Herald:

Some advertisers got amazing mileage by releasing commercials that they merely pretended were for the Super Bowl. The pro-gun-control group Mayor Against Illegal Guns not only got its ad— a chat between Michael Bloomberg and Thomas Menino, the mayors of New York and Boston, about the evils of guns — posted on dozens of websites but run in its entirety for free on both NBC and MSNBC news shows. Actually, the group didn’t try to buy time on the NBC telecast of the game, but merely sold it to a few local markets at a fraction of the cost, but wound up with millions of dollars in free publicity.

Well, well, well, how about that? I am sure that Pasha Bloomberg will tell you with a straight face that he never said the ad was going to be on the proper NBC Superbowl ad times but he also sure as hell did not bother to clarify whenever people had that idea and said so. At the most we will suddenly see a small press release dumped sometime in the middle of the night among garbage truck repair status and new salt intake procedures.

And that is why we win. They have to resort to obfuscating tactics because they cannot use the truth as weapon.

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  1. I nearly dropped out of my chair when those two declared themselves to be supporters of the Second Amendment. George Orwell would seek royalties from them if he were alive.



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