7 Replies to “VPC: Please vote in this WaPo poll…wait…never mind.”

  1. Oh my..Ladd over CSGV must have his panties in a twist. I find I can bear his discontent with a smile and a fair amount of malicious glee.

  2. It’s looking pretty good so far. I’m glad so many agree with us, we’re also going for Castle Doctrine. I’m hoping we’ll have a “Stand your ground” law next year.

  3. To the commenter in the CSGV, I can’t claim to speak for all Virginians, nor all the Filipinos here, but:

    Good riddance. Never wanted your business and your haughty attitude anyways.

  4. Its hard to Freep a poll when the majority of people who read your data streams are people doing Opposition Research, and the majority of the people wouldn’t agree with you…even if they were aware that your silly little .org exists.

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