CSGV: A Twist of the Stats

In Fighter Pilot parlance, target fixation is when  a flyer is so concentrated on the enemy, he follows the damaged plane all the way to the ground and also crashes.

So, I can only think that Target Fixation is what happened to the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence and they never digested what was posted in the original article. To be fair, neither did the author of the article:

So the target is GUNS and the mantra is Guns are bad. Reasoning and simple math must then go out the window. Let’s check the numbers as stated in the article:

Meanwhile, Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that of 4,547 fatal workplace injuries that occurred in the United States during 2010, 506 were homicides..
NCCI said in its report that homicides make up 11% of workplace fatalities.
OK, so something else is causing 89% of the fatalities at work. Priorities people!

Despite the headlines, the share of workplace homicides due to co-workers has remained steady at about 12%, and the actual number of such homicides has been in the 50 to 60 range (annually) in recent years,” NCCI stated. Wait one. Out of 4,547 fatal workplace injuries (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics), only 60 (worse case) are directly related to co-workers? That is 1.37% of fatal workplace injuries!

In contrast, homicides involving robbers and other crime perpetrators accounted for 69% of all workplace killings in 2009, NCCI reported. Do note the subtle change in wording. Workplace “fatalities” has taken a bow and disappeared and now workplace “killings” make an appearance. They are hoping to confuse the heck out of you by switching terms and creating false mental associations.

It is not the whacky guy in the far cubicle muttering stuff about a stapler that might kill you but the common criminal that comes to your place of work. And I am willing to bet that a very high percentage of those killed by criminals work in a face-to-face-with-the-public job such as Gas station clerks or anywhere cash is used in transactions and where a policy of No Guns is mandatory.

And one more:
One finding in NCCI’s research that news stories didn’t mention is that 80% of workplace homicides result from shootings, far more than the 10% caused by stabbings or the remainder caused by other types of violence, such as kicking and beatings.  So about 405 deaths are “caused” by guns? No, let’s correct that, in 405 homicides in the workplace, a gun was used. That is 8.9% of all the fatal workplace injuries therefore the author’s initial statement:

Guns play big role in work violence

and the final:

So guns are a huge contributor to workplace violence, whether they are used by disgruntled co-workers, patrons, spouses or robbers.

are just willful misleading.

But that is not a surprise. Is it?


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  1. Wow! Good job! Knew it was bullshit, but I didn’t bother to even look to see how!

    BTW you read the comments to the Kos Article? The guy essentially is using it (unsuccessfully) to drive traffic to his blog that nobody reads.

    But in Kos anti-gun trolls are treated how they deserve to be treated!

    When you’ve lost the Kos you’ve lost the war!

  2. The fact that I can read that shit now…without having to fight the urge to put a fist through my screen[most of the time] …is amazing. I’m not sure whether to call it progress or not though…

  3. Did they include soldiers in battle zones, and police in the workplace homicides #?

    Seems a little low for our wars, but maybe not.

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