Laddite of the Week: Craig Hexham.

Besides the obvious, this Facebook post of Craig Hexam was bothering me something fierce all day:

And then the hamster living in my brain housing woke up from his nap and it came to me:  Mr. Hexham is the “Therapist” that wanted to call Child Services on  fellow Gun Blogger Anti Tango because he wanted his 2 year old boy to eat his peas.

Well, well, well.



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  1. I really detest these ‘holier than thou’ fuckers. Why can’t they drink the kool aid and die ? Like good little cultists/ Oh wait…never mind they’re all “do as I say, not as I do”


  2. I saw the “investigative” report this morning. No bias there, NOOOOOOO…….

    Hexham probably exploded into tiny bits when the father brought his boy along for the sale and then, after the sale, handed his son some of the money. The “journalist” was astounded that someone would bring his kid along, much less hand him some of the money. Ever think he was giving junior his allowance out of the proceeds!?


  3. I’m not defending child pornography, but it’s a far worse thing that people can engage in legal transactions on-line. I mean, looking at nude children is minor compared to buying a gun without government permission. . .

    Have I understood the line of “reasoning” expressed by Cursed Pork?


    1. Oh–and now look at this–we find that Mr. Craig “Child Porn Isn’t As Bad As Online Gun Shopping” Hexham provides religious counseling for families:

      Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Craig, you’re a pastoral counselor, right? Do you ever work with kids and their parents together?

      Craig Hexham
      CSGV, yes; work with families has been the “consistent” thread through more than thirty years of ministry. It also comprises much of my agency’s efforts throughout northern Michigan.

      That sounds like one creepy church.


      1. Craig Hexham’s workplace
        Nexus Family Services is a nonprofit, counseling agency serving clients in Northern Michigan. Services are provided in Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Wexford, Missaukee, Antrim and Alpena counties.

        Some of the services we provide…

        ~Group and Individual Counseling
        ~Family and Relationship Counseling
        ~Domestic Violence Groups
        ~Substance Use Disorders
        Groups and Individual Therapy
        ~Anger Management
        ~Drivers License Assessments
        ~Sex Offender Therapy
        ~Step-Family Adjustments
        ~Enhancing Relationships affected
        by Incarceration
        ~Premarital Training
        ~Marriage Counseling
        ~Parenting Classes (no peas?)


  4. The thing that gets me about these reports is they never show or tell you how many times they were turned down. Nor do they ever go into detail about what the law says is legal or illegal, leaving the viewer to do the research because, they know 99% of people will not do it. Being that Arizona was the state they chose, I wouldn’t be surprised if a background check is even needed for in store sales.


  5. As usual, anti-rights cultists show a marked inability to comprehend the rather substantial and obvious differences between malum prohibitum and malum in se.

    Buying a firearm – online, in person, or whever – has no victim or injured party. Child pornography does. Conflating the two is a logical, legal, and semantical fallacy, and is indicative of the mental processes and capabilities of those doing the conflation.


  6. Remember, they’re not out to take your guns, that’s just crazy talk post Heller. But guns are worse than kiddie porn-how can any person who holds that conviction not work towards or at least advocate for elimination of firearms?

    Before anyone accuses us of putting words in Hexham’s mouth regarding the nature of the images, non-pornographic pictures of kids viewed over the internet do not bring mobs with “torches and pitchforks”.



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