7 Replies to “Anti Gun Bingo Part Two”

  1. If you really cared, you’d make a random phrase generator that would insert a new catch phrase on every reload of your page.

  2. I wish that the gun grabbers would tell me where to buy the gun described on that card. Who wouldn’t want a weapon that sprays 600 airplane destroying bananas a minute?

    1. When the Glocks came out, some people in Congress aided by the Usual Suspects threw a major hissy fit. They said Glocks could not be detected by X-Ray machines in airports and actually passed a law . Glocks were always detectable even by first generation Airport X-Rays that were already put to pasture back then. Next bring Hollywood and Die Hard with the Glock 8 all made of ceramic and the legend was firmly set in the minds of people everywhere.
      There was one ceramic Glock product that actually worked:

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