And this is seen as a victory.

I am having a tough time writing about this. First, I truly despise rapists in all its variations and permutations. It is my opinion that they should be taken to shark infested waters and use their genitals still attached to their bodies as bait for the Carcharhinus limbatus so common in our South Florida shores.

Now thew story: A man breaks into a woman’s home and proceeds to assault her and rape her. During the events and in a moment of distraction, the woman manages to dial 9-1-1 but cannot talk to the operator. The operator manages to locate the address and sends units who eventually catch the rapist after he was done with the victim and had already left her home.

The treatment of this sad piece of news in almost every media outlet? Congratulatory.

When I first found out this case was via TV. At the beginning and by the giddy tone in the voices of the Talking Heads, I thought that the victim somehow had managed to hide from the attacker and she was unscathed. Then I realize that she was brutally raped and I was aghast that such a story could be treated as if this was some sort of triumph as if the local volleyball team had beaten a competitor.  Even the Herald article has obvious traces of joy and it made me wonder why are they so joyful about it. The answer is sadly obvious: “Hark, hark! 9-1-1 works! The Bad Guy was caught! All is well in South Florida!”

Bullshit. 9-1-1- is a notification service, not a crime stopping service. That it is still touted as the solution to all the problems and some sort of magic shield that will protect the innocent is despicable.

You are alone out there. You better be ready to depend on yourself for your defense.

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  1. I guess it can be considered a victory when they don’t always show up at all, or they didn’t hang up on her several times. Got to have goals, huh?


  2. “You are alone out there. You better be ready to depend on yourself for your defense…”

    …but when you’re not able to or you’re taken by surprise or you don’t have your firearm within reach, it’s good to know that 911 can and does work to get help rolling your way most of the time.

    Why is that so infuriating, Miguel?



    1. Seriously???

      Ask the woman who was brutally raped how happy she is at 9-1-1’s response time.

      The most they can do is pick up the pieces when they get there. I would rather it be someone else’s pieces.

      This is why I carry.



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