Somebody call the whambulance for CSGV.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence is loudly whining about the boycott failure against Starbucks policy of respecting the specific gun laws of every state.

I can almost see Ladd ripping tufts of his hair and his mascara running down his face at the humongous backfire. The stupidest thin of all is that Stabucks has never taken either side in the gun issue but simply chose to sell coffee and pastries to customers who were following the law.

Ladd is right about that. Starbucks’ Facebook Photo Album is LOADED with guns and people carrying. AWESOME.

And I stole this from Facebook User AEdelweard AEt Wudu:

7 Replies to “Somebody call the whambulance for CSGV.”

  1. I see Starbucks as the victim here. A crybaby has to drag everyone around into his temper tantrum, especially those who aren’t involved and just want to go about their business. Of course, Starbucks is probably crying tears of joy over all the customers yesterday.

  2. So they are whining about the phrase “Molon Labe” are they?

    What a joke. I use it all the time because my absolute right to have firearms is not open for discussion or negotiation. Just like my right to speak freely and practice the religion of my choice are not to be doled out upon their whims.

    Asserting my God-given right to self-protection, along with my Constitutionally encouraged armed ability to resist tyranny does not make me an insurrectionist. However, when they try to take away the Second Amendment, then they are the dangerous rabble rousers. Perhaps yet another case of projection on their part.

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