Ladd is getting a wee bit tired and confused over Starbucks.

I caught this on time:

Ladd thanking somebody for buying Starbucks gift cards because they do not ban guns in their establishment? I think Ladd himself needs a espresso rather quickly. No wait, it is almost the weekend! CSGV will close soon enough and he can get a much deserved rest.

We shall continue to fight.

6 Replies to “Ladd is getting a wee bit tired and confused over Starbucks.”

  1. Haha, you mean Starbucks will continue to respect the law, continue to make profits with the antis buying gift cards, AND we won’t have to see or hear them complain in the actual stores? How sweet it is!

  2. So he does not like that Starbucks respects states’ laws and citizens’ individual rights, but is going to support the company anywise??

    He does understand how gift cards work, right? *headdesk*

  3. I, too, shall be purchasing gift cards (and tasty beverages…white chocolate mocha FTW!) to Starbucks unless they reverse their stance on respecting the laws of the various States…at which point they will no longer have any of my business.
    Somehow I don’t think that is what they meant…

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