When the Nanny State makes you unsafe.

Over at the New Jovian Thunderbolt, I saw this oldie about vehicular ambushes:

That was way in the times when we drove gas guzzling tanks capable of demolishing strip malls and almost resist direct RPG attacks. The video shows a Dodge Coronet and I used to own one that I fondly called “NCC-1701” on account it felt like I was driving Capt Kirk’s ship.

Back to the video. Although old, the tactics would still be more than valid if it wasn’t for the fact that now we have government mandated airbags that cannot be disabled on command. In fact and thanks to the airbag, you are pretty much screwed in a vehicular ambush situation: not only you won’t be able to use the techniques but you will probably be recuperating from a major blow to the face and chest robbing precious seconds that could be used otherwise.


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  1. Not to mention that when air bags are deployed they are coated in a powder that wrecks havoc on eyes, especially if wearing contact lenses.



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