Will CSGV and Ladd Everitt Apologize?

In a previous post, I wrote about Ladd Everitt’s going after an Ocala man who defended himself against a possible felon who was beating him.

Linoge found a follow up on that story. Dan Daley was truly defending his life and the D.A. determined that the killing of Willy Chester was justified and in Self Defense.

Ladd is right now a bit busy trolling the Starbucks’ Facebook page after the colossal Valentone’s day boycott disaster. I do hope however that he, Andrew Goddard and Rex Stuart man up and make a public apology to Mr. Daley.

I know, fat chance.

5 Replies to “Will CSGV and Ladd Everitt Apologize?”

  1. If Ladd actually bothers to comment on the follow-up, and I sincerely doubt he will, it will probably only be to castigate the state attorney for cowing to the NRA, and allowing this unjustified murder to take place.

    Despite, y’know, multiple eye-witness testimony indicating the person not carrying the firearm instigated the incident, and was well on his way to beating the person carrying the firearm to death.

    Of course, in Ladd’s world, a dead concealed carrier is only a good thing…



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