CSGV Facedesk of the Week.

A jaw-dropper.

Set aside their incredible admission that there are between 80,000 and 100,000 defensive uses of a gun a year. But the warranted or not line of crap is amazing. Do they even have a lawyer at CSGV? You know what an unwarranted use of a firearm against somebody is called? Assault with a Deadly Weapon. DUH!

Why do all of the sudden I am picturing whomever is writing this stuff wearing a helmet and a drinking out of a sippy cup?

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    1. Did the NRA managed to sneak an operative into CSGV’s Facebook Corps? Because if this is not sabotage, the only explanation remaining is that the level of legal stupidity at CSGV is measured in parsecs.

  1. Yeah, and the guy that wrights that stuff waring the helmet and holding a sippy cup arrives to work in a SHORT YELLOW BUS …

    1. Yeah that’s a fair description[from what I’ve seen] Of Ladd Everitt.
      Just remember though…he’s ignorant and brain damaged by choice.

  2. Hmmm..I haven’t looked in on the CSGV page since yesterday because he[and morons from other anti gun pages] were using that shooting in Ohio to score political points and say ‘See! we need to ban guns! it’s for the children!’ [not a direct quote but that’s the gist of the shit they’ve been spewing.] It was making me feel more than a little homicidal reading that mealy mouthed, fork tongued shit…so I stopped.

  3. “You know what an unwarranted use of a firearm against somebody is called? Assault with a Deadly Weapon. DUH!”

    No no, you see, you didn’t HAVE to shoot that guy beating/mugging/raping you, you might have survived if only you’d give them the chance. Don’t you see, you guys are all just itching to shoot people!


    I should sue you for the damage caused by reading such stupidity then I realize it’s CSGV’s fault.

    You should like, put a disclaimer or something. xP

  5. They aren’t even correct on their claims about statistics from DOJ.
    The NCVS survey showed 108,000, not “80K-100K.”

    The DOJ / NIJ “Guns in America: National Survey on Private Ownership and Use of Firearms” from 1994 (published in ’97) using methodology similar to Kleck and 13 other independent surveys came up with 1.5 million defensive gun uses (which the study quickly attempts to whitewash). That’s in the middle, not high or low) of the 14 surveys done using similar methodology by independent (non-“pro-gun”) organizations.



    “No statistics”, my ass.

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