You do not win a gun fight, you survive it. (Two examples)

For the Gun Forum Chest Beaters and Vittorio Secret Tactical Models that love to self-proclaim how they are going to win a gun fight, here is a double reality check.

First Reality Check: Jay Rodney Lewis.

Jay Rodney Lewis was forced to use his gun to defend himself from two individuals that attacked him. He was arrested and a bail set at $ 225.000. That is almost a quarter of a million dollars which he didn’t have (and many of us do not) so he spent 112 days in jail.

Mr. Lewis was evicted from his apartment, but to add insult to injury the eviction noticed posted in the apartment’s door read “clear and present danger to the health or safety of the other tenants.” And also that he was involved in “an assault with a weapon within 1,000 feet of the property described above.”

Eventually all his property was taken outside the apartment and left in the curb where it promptly disappeared. He could not take action against the proceedings since he was in jail and no notification was sent to him by the apartment complex lawyers. They did send notifications to his address of record that was the apartment. The kicker is that they knew he was arrested.

The jury acquitted Mr. Lewis of any wrongdoing. The clincher was the recording of the 911 call that Mr. Lewis made prior of being attacked and it captured not only the moments before the attack but the shooting itself and the immediate aftermath.

The question I ask is: Why did the prosecutor even decided to take this case to trial? The jury only took a couple of hours to come up with the acquittal. Iowa does not have a strong Caste Doctrine and it does not have a Stand Your Ground Law. That should be the solution, right? Not quite.

Second reality Check: Carlos Rodriguez.

In 2009, Mr. Rodriguez was attacked outside a club by a mob. He was also forced to use a gun to defend himself. His defense attorney states that “He had been beaten, he was bleeding from his mouth, nose and head. He was blocked in. His truck could not pull out. He has no criminal record.” When he was arrested, Mr. Rodriguez’s daughter was three weeks old and he probably saw her grow up during visitation at jail.

At his Trial, Castle Doctrine/Stand Your ground was used by his lawyer. It worked and he was set free 3 years after the incident had occurred. That is three lost years for righteously defending yourself in a State with a established Stand Your Ground law.

Who is going to give Mr. Rodriguez his three years back? Or the times he did not get to spend with his daughter? Or erase the tonnage of crap he surely had to endure in jail? Monetary expenses? I bet he owes whatever wages he can make for the next decade. His lawyer’s office address is in Biscayne Boulevard which is just about the most expensive real state in Miami.

Afterword: I want to thank Larry of Last Refuge of a Scoundrel for pointing me towards Mr. Lewis’ case. Do me a favor and check his blog posting where he provides the links if you feel like giving a couple of bucks or anything to help Mr. Lewis get back on his feet.


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