CSGV: Never forget….they do get stupid.

If they could find a way to place Gun Owners in the flawed Terrorist watch list, they wouldn’t think twice about it. The Bill of Rights is optional when it comes to us according to their flawed thinking but little they know about tampering with Rights; somehow they have the blind belief that if such selective application was to happen, they would be insulated somehow.

What really pisses me off is that we must fight the good fight not only to keep ourselves from being steamrolled but we have to save them too.

And we will not get a thanks from them either.

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  1. This is the whole point of the “Terror Watch List” and making it have actual legal precedence.

    I mean its not like there are any ACTUAL Terrorists on the list…but lots of average Janes and Joes.

    But let’s take away their rights. Why? Because they are Anti-Freedom, its their nature!

  2. How about the absolute lack of clear thinking in the last line?

    Terrorize them with our HIDDEN guns

    So either he has X-ray vision or he is terrified of anyone wearing loose clothing, right?

    I mean — isn’t that like saying he is afraid of invisible Ninjas because they are all around him.

    1. @Bob S. That is an astute observation and yet so revealing about their defects as poorly functioning adults. They fear a boogeyman. Someone, somewhere, possibly in the line at Starbucks might have been armed! They may faint from the dread and fear this imparts.
      Matty Wesley Craven, grow up you wussy!

      @Bob S. EVERYONE knows that invisible ninjas are all around us, so that is why we carry firearms, right? OR is it zombies, I forget.

    2. But he’s not afraid that he might be robbed or attacked is he?
      No, he’s afraid that someone *can* legally carry.

      He’s not worried about the criminals.

  3. Well just like the NGAC said “”There is no such thing as a “law abiding citizen””.

    We are all potential mass murderers just waiting to happen in their minds.

  4. Let’s consider the claim made by the CSGV: Suspected terrorists have bought guns and explosives 1,100 times since 2006. And what have they done with these? I haven’t heard about 1,100 acts of terrorism in this country. I hear about several FBI sting (entrapment?) operations, but where are the thousands of terrorist acts?

  5. Wait, so terrorists can buy explosives and I can’t? Gunna have to write my congressman about this….

  6. We should be on the terrorist watch list. You know… that govt list that doesn’t have any terrorists on it? Yeah, that one. It’s fitting, considering we are not the terrorists. So with that logic in mind, none of the anti-rights frauds would be on the list, thus exposing them for what they really are… TERRORISTS!!!

    Disavowed With Honor

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