National Gun Victims Action Council: We do stupid right.

NGVAC asks:

Maybe because if we could do that, we would be going after every Anti Gun organization for assisting criminals in making sure their victims are unarmed and thus incapable of defending themselves?

I even have one person to start legal procedures and have him sent to prison for assisting in a school massacre: Larry Hincker from Virginia Tech.

“I’m sure the university community is appreciative of the General Assembly’s actions because this will help parents, students, faculty and visitors feel safe on our campus.”
Larry Hincker, January 31, 2006.

When he said that, he was celebrating the defeat of a measure that would have allowed Students, Faculty and Personnel from Virginia Tech to carry guns on Campus provided they had a Concealed Carry Permit. In April 16, 2007 Seung-Hui Cho made a liar out Mr. Henckler with bloody efficiency. Amazingly Mr. Hinckler is not only roaming free but still works for Virginia Tech.

But that ain’t gonna happen any time soon, is it?

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  1. A semiautomatic hand gun that shoots ten bullets at a time? Gee, I want one of those. Every semi auto I’ve ever own sends only one bullet downrange with each pull of the trigger.

    What a bunch of maroons!

  2. Hmmm… with that stupid logic we could:
    – arrest a car owner for what the car thief did…
    – arrest the bartender for what a drunk driver did…
    – arrest the homeowner for not having a stronger door to keep the burglar out…
    – arrest the rape victim for not securing her pants…

    Dann in Ohio

    1. MN already has laws on the books that allow bar tenders to be tried if someone leaves their bar drunk and has an accident.

    2. Sadly Dann in Ohio is not that far off on his predictions of frivolous lawsuits!
      A few years back a man outside of New Orleans was sued because according to the attorney who filed the case, his boat was not locked securely enough. The two teenage criminals decided to steal his boat, take it out on lake Pontchartrain, and they both drowned because they never put the drain plug in the boat that they stole by breaking the padlock.
      The attorney said the boat was just too tempting for the boys to resist stealing, and the lock he used to secure it was not strong enough to deter the theft of said boat, and the subsequent drowning of the two thieves who stole it! The boat owner was sued for wrongful death.
      In Wisconsin in the early 1980’s, an arsonist successfully sued a business owner when he got severely burned while committing arson to this mans building! Why was he successful in his lawsuit? Because the lighted exit signs were not working after the arsonist cut the power to the building to disable the alarm system so he would not get caught committing felony arson!!

  3. They end with some world class stupid too.

    “BTW Ohio does not have Child Access Prevention Laws. Any chance they will pass one now? Of course not, that is what the Starbucks boycott is all about.”

    Well it’s nice to see them moaning about their impotence.

    Also their “faith” in “one more law” comes up. Probably fishing for some Canadian style “safe storage laws” where as a gun owner you lose any warrentless search protection. Or maybe they’ll just have all your guns collected and stored at the police station, for “the children”.

    Also hilarious delusions on the Starbucks thing. It was the antis that were boycotting Starbucks, and it wasn’t about “Child Access Prevention Laws”, it was about Starbucks policy on concealed and open carry.

    What a pack of morons.

  4. “- arrest the bartender for what a drunk driver did…”

    Unfortunately that one has been tried, with varying degrees of success.

    1. Yes, in many states there are “Dram Shoppe Laws” where the bartender/business owner is held responsible for any damage done by an intoxicated patron after they leave the establishment.
      It does not matter if they had one sip of a beverage and the bartender cuts them off, if the intoxicated patron were to leave, hit a tree, and be injured, many of these states will blame the bartender, and they will be sued successfully in many cases.
      nanny-state laws to the extreme, hold everyone responsible except for the original actor. What a bunch of crap!

  5. Note the mention of a “murderous weapon” as though the FIREARM had the intent to murder, not the person holding it.

    Plus, even though its magazine only holds the Brady-approved 10 rounds, it’s still too many for them. I can hear the moaning now, “He held a murderous flintlock, able to spew a massive lead flesh-tearing missile of death!”

    1. ” . . . able to spew a massive lead flesh-tearing missile of death!”

      They’re already made wrist braced slingshots felony possession here. I would have been happy with one of those, but now I guess I’ll have to get a hand gun.

      Way to go guys.

      1. 1…dude! I love my sling shot. Got to put new rubber on it though.
        2. owning a wrist braced SLINGSHOT is a felony? where the fuck do you live?

          1. Close enough. NY. Anything that can be vaguely associated with gang activity in NYC is banned statewide, even though up here in the Adirednecks most of our self defense needs relate to bears and ‘yotes outside and home invasion by ‘coons big enough to eat the smaller bears and yotes.

            On a clear day I can go up to the top of the hill and see the tops of the hills in Vermont. Freedom so close, and yet so far.

  6. the gun shoots 10 shots a time?? Where Can I buy this almost full auto 10rd burst gun? sounds pretty sweet

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