Quote of the Day: A Girl and her Gun.

Lastly, I don’t write this post with any hope that Josh Horowitz is going to change his mind, evil rarely does, but I write it for you, the one who might still be on the fence.

Preach on Sister Gunnie!

She hits on a very important point, specially for the newbies that have just started their blogs/social media contacts, etc. When you engage a hard core anti gunner, forget about trying to convince him/her. Your target is the mind of those who have not made a decision yet and are watching. You yourself might have been a undecided espectator of an argument once and probably went with the guy or gal who was polite, knew his subject matter, provided facts and figures, not slogans and yet was fervent about the side taken. The one foaming at the mouth and spitting insults did not make inroads in your mind.

The same applies with our cause.