Brady Hates People that Sells Guns.

This man got a hold of 800 guns, and sold them. This is the definition of a gun trafficker and what he sold are called “illegal guns.”


I think it is closer to the definition of Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice or other high ranking officials.

It has been over a year since the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jaime Zapata by guns trafficked as direct inaction and direct planning of the Department of Justice. Not a peep has been heard from the Gun Control Advocates, not a candle lit in their memory by Sarah Brady or Josh Horowitz.

Bunch of hypocrites… the pox on the lot of you.

3 Replies to “Brady Hates People that Sells Guns.”

  1. The responses I see, from anti-gunners and liberals (and they are not always the same, to be fair) seems to be:

    1) “Oh, NOW you care about gun control. So then admit we need gun control and we can get to work.” – anti-gunners

    2) “Oh, NOW you care about Mexicans. This is a partisan attack.”

    This is not proof that gun control is needed. The gun shop owners were good folk and, with no prompting, called the ATF and alerted our gov’t, only to be told to make the sales. To me it shows how a society with strict gun control laws, like Mexico, leaves people helpless. Also, I DO care about Mexicans, or [any-other-people-foreign-nationals], apparently more so than our gov’t or liberals. This has been ignored precisely because of politics and “getting our guy re-elected”, not by conservatives or gun owners, but by the very liberals who are ignoring it.

    And you’re right: A pox upon their houses.



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