CSGV: It is time to play “Use The Race Card!”

It started with this:

I am going to be the first one to say that by the way the case has been written in different media, it deserves to be looked thoroughly. If it is a bad shooting, then Zimmerman needs to be tried in a court of law.The case is taking more than its share of publicity because the victim was black and the shooter is white and apparently the Compact Fluorescent Light bulb lit up over the head of either Ladd, Josh or the unpaid Intern former ACORN worker in charge of the Twitter account and they upped with this:

The phrase “Not the first unarmed black teen” makes it an official the use of the Race Card. The strategy appears to be: “If you are gonna bet on the Race Card, bet hard!” The link that CSGV provides goes to their blog and relates the case of Carlos Mustelier who not only attacked one Thomas Baker, but announced his intention. The description of the incident and the eventual decision the State’s Attorney of not charging Mr. Thomas and declaring the shooting covered under the Castle Doctrine Extension can be read in this article of the Tampa Bay Times.

And I would like to place a quote from that article for your enlightenment:

Mustelier’s father, Nicolas Sarlabous, did not want to say much about the decision.

“It’s not what we wanted, but we don’t want to talk about it anymore,” Sarlabous said in Spanish. “It’s the police’s problem now.”

Yep, the victim was Hispanic. Seriously Ladd and Josh, if you guys are gonna use the Race Card, at least make sure you have the right race. Or maybe we all look alike which is common among racist and bigots….like you two.

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  1. I seen this on wesh 2 news it’s kinda odd they are not saying much about what went down after the 911 call. As far as Ladd and CSGV go nothing surprises me with them knuckle heads

  2. The kid might have been Cuban; there are a lot of black Cubans in Florida.
    Sounds to me like we’re not getting the whole story; I think everyone needs to reserve judgement until all the facts come out.

      1. To be fair (ouch), I used to live in Andalusia and I know nothing that prevents one from from self identifying with Hispania and being black at the same time.

  3. I remember the CSGV going apesh*t over the Mustelier shooting. Such was to be expected, but what got me about the whole situation was how they spun it: “A young man with his entire life ahead of him has been taken from his loved ones prematurely and unnecessarily.”

    As I wrote at the time, “Why should anyone give a flying sh*t about Carlos Mustelier’s ‘generosity’ or anything else? Maybe if that little motherf*cker had kept his hands to himself he’d still be alive.”

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