Weerd Beard loves Justin Beiber.

OK, he doesn’t but I did say I was going to hack his site and change it to a Justin Beiber Fan Site as payback. Since I am no hacker, this is the best I can do.

Weerd had the chance to attend a Kaleigh Baker show and was going “neener neener” in certain social network. He can be a bit of a prick if you ask me 🙂

There are no good videos of her since she is just a beginner and the only one that looks good sounds like rehashed crap. So, I give you just the audio which is really all you need.

Curse you Weerd! 🙂

2 Replies to “Weerd Beard loves Justin Beiber.”

  1. When the wife and I we chatting with her outside the club as we headed home I did mention that it was because of you that the wife and I were following her.

    She’ll be back in Orlando soon. Go see her live, she’s AWESOME!


    1. Yeah yeah… kiss butt now Beiber fan! LOL

      She does have a great voice. She had a show in Miami not long ago, but on a work day so….. damn it!



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