CSGV: Off with their parental heads!

The latest CSGV meme is about kids and guns:

I have bad news for this lot: many states already have some sort of law regarding the improper storage of a firearm, allowing kids access to guns without a supervision and adults can even be charged with reckless endangerment or similar crimes for the death of a child.We had this discussion before and that is why the laws are in the books right now but there is a reason why they are seldom applied: It is political suicide.

You are a cop and get a call of shots fired in a house. You arrive and find out that the 4 year old boy managed to get his hands on an improperly stored gun and shot himself to death accidentally. Parents are going crazy with anguish, probably wailing and crying watching the lifeless body of what used to be their most precious possession. And while witnessing all this pain, Are you gonna put the handcuff the parents, throw them in the back of a patrol car and take them to jail? I don’t know a cop yet that is that frigging heartless.

Now imagine that the D.A. gets his undies in a knot and orders the parents to be arrested, the community backlash is gonna be so big he can pretty much start boxing his office belongings because he is on his way out of the job. Even the most liberal newspaper will ask for his head on a pike before the day is over. After that, the law is pretty much useless because it cannot be enforced equally.

The solution is simple: true firearms education. I know the Antis hate it, but the Eddie Eagle program has been a success since its inception. Anti Gun politics hate Eddie Eagle so bad they started a campaign in the late 1990s that bashed it and compared it with the now infamous Joe Camel cartoon. The most ridiculous day of this campaign was when in one issue of the Miami Herald, they had a front page article almost lynching Eddie Eagle, but also another article of a girl that found a gun in a communal backyard, had all the friends leave the area and called the police and adults to come secure the gun, sounds familiar?. Somehow that little contradiction was not caught by the editors and many of us had to laugh at the “negligent discharge” that the paper had on its front page. I called the Herald asking if the girl had gone through the Eddie Eagle program since what she did sounded remarkably similar, but I could not get a straight answer. 25 million kids have received the classes, learned that guns are not toys and know what to do when finding a gun

So CSGV, you want a law? OK, simple: Make it a Federal Law that no dumb politician interferes with the Eddie Eagle program. We won’t even ask for Federal Funds, we the NRA Members will pay for it, but get the Anti Gunners out of the way and let us do the righteous job.




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    1. Google Eddie Eagle Joe Camel and have fun reading the rantings of everybody and their mother back then. I recall some were even accusing the NRA of bringing machine guns into classrooms.

      The best counter was asking the Antis “OK so where is your gun safety program to teach kids?” & “Show where in the Eddie Eagle program the NRA promotes the use of guns.”

      1. No, we REALLY don’t want those ignorant fucktards teaching ANYTHING about guns to kids. Since most anything they teach IS and would be an out and out LIE.

  1. And have fun spending the rest of your life sitting in the dirt, Gary, because if that genie ever gets out of the bottle nobody is going to be making anything anymore.

  2. I’d like to see some stats that indicate that laws aren’t being enforced because of emotional issues or politics. There are plenty of DUI drivers that are prosecuted when they roll their cars filled with family members and wind up killing them….and of course, they survive. Both are cases of negligence to one degree or another.

    Totally cool with kids being educated about gun safety. I went through an NRA course when I received by Pennsylvania hunting license way back when I was 12 or 13 and it taught me to respect and properly handle firearms. It served me well back then and has been carried with me through this life.

    I’m sure you guys will find something to find fault with my response…you always do. So go ahead with the name calling and the endless criticisms.

    Who’s first?

    Do Not Feed The Troll.

    1. Miguel…..really, you’re not all that. You don’t get it. I don’t effin’ want your traffic. It’s obvious that you can’t carry on a dialogue with someone who doesn’t represent your angry, bigoted, and warped characterization of those who don’t march exactly in lockstep with your radical and extremist agenda that you admittedly promote here at GFZ. That’s fine…but do me a big favor and don’t edit my comments or my tagline. You complain, whine and bitch about the other side doing it and yet you just can’t help yourself.

      A big guy like yourself with almost as big a mouth shouldn’t be scared of words and opinions.

      GFZ EDIT:
      Do Not Feed The Troll.


      1. who doesn’t represent your angry, bigoted, and warped characterization of those who don’t march exactly in lockstep with your radical and extremist agenda that you admittedly promote here at GFZ.

        If when CSGV and Media Matters For America wrote about me and my blog in the same manner and I didn’t give 2 craps, what makes you think I care about what you say?

        That’s fine…but do me a big favor and don’t edit my comments or my tagline. You complain, whine and bitch about the other side doing it and yet you just can’t help yourself.

        Your comments have remained exactly the same as you wrote them. I just added and identifier to your name and a note to the bottom of your posts. However I do seem to recall that in your blog comments are subject to be removed which goes against what you just posted here. But hey! It is your blog as this is mine. You do whatever you want with yours and I’ll do whatever I do with mine. That is unless you have that urgent need of controlling and silencing opposing views…which would not surprise me one bit.

        Now run and hide under a bridge. Just in case, don’t do it under the one at the Julia Tuttle Causeway.

        1. I make it very clear to my commenters what I allow and don’t allow, Miguel. If I knew that my name and comments were subject to alteration and editorial comment then I wouldn’t have a beef. If you’re altering that, I have no doubt that you routinely alter comments.

          Furthermore, if it doesn’t matter what I say, why do it? Why place little editorial notes on my comments? They’re worthless, right?

          You can’t even keep your own BS straight, dude.

          But you’re right, it is your blog and you can add, delete, shape and editorialize all you want. Whatever you can do to keep this echo chamber going and free from outside interference. After all, the other guys do it and, apparently, you’re absolutely no better than they are.

          Remind me not to make the mistake of agreeing with you next time around.

          GFZ EDIT:
          Do Not Feed The Troll.


          1. Rick, anything you submit to anyone for publication is subject to editorial comment. It is often done within the text itself and so long as it is properly labeled an editorial comment does not constitute an alteration.

            You are merely complaining that the comment shares a frame in spite of the obvious separator.

            Go read a newspaper.

            1. Oh. Damn! My apologies, Miguel. I seem to have failed the ability to comply with a perfectly reasonable and polite request test.

  3. The EE program should be required twice a year K thru 6th, twice a year. After that, hands on fire arms safety and marksmanship classes. Issue a certificate when they graduate that would count as their training for a weapons permit when they reach 21.

  4. I’ve had this idea brewing my head for a while as both an economic boon and a gun safety issue. Allow the purchase of 1 approved gun safe (like the way the CDOJ approves safes in California) to be an itemized deduction from income tax up to a value of $X (say, $5000). It would essentially make a gun safes free, leaving no reason NOT to buy. Good for American safe builders, good for parents who own guns. Easy for the govt. to do.

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