New TV Show: Missing.

Two words: Ashley Judd. Not enough? OK, She is an Ex-CIA operative who for the past 10 years has been a regular Mom, joined the PTA and helped with the scouts. Her son goes to Europe and gets kidnapped, Momma Bear instincts come to play and death follows.

It is Popcorn & Soda TV for sure but, who cares? It is Ashley Judd kicking ass (great fight scenes. They will give you bruises by just watching) and who will stop at nothing to get her son back. I already read some critics bemoaning the lack of pathos or introspection from the character and assorted other feel-good-New-Age bull. Regular moms do not go all sensitive support group type when their children are in danger, they get nasty, mean and will tear you to pieces.

But the show has great obstacles. It will run against American Idol, Community and 30 Rock plus Basketball games. If it attracts enough Non-BBall fans who cannot tolerate smarmy comedies, maybe it will be moved to a better time slot.  At least we have 10 episodes to watch if they do not cancel it before its due.

Did I mention it has Ashley Judd in it?

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  1. When my cousin went missing in Europe my aunt called the embassy. When he turned up in one of Franco’s prisons she called a lawyer and joined a support group.

    She wasn’t from the CIA, she was from Long Island.


      1. Well, the point being that there really are people in this world, say in the Hamptons or San Francisco, who have had the capacity for aggression removed from them to the point where they don’t even have the basic instincts for fighting back of a rabbit. Even mothers with their children in harm’s way.

        They are “civilized” (see Death Wish for the definition of “civilized”).

        This does not mean that they aren’t capable of promoting violence, but they must do so by proxy, even in a situation so minor as a pissing contest.

        “I don’t have time for this right now, I’m on my way to my support group. I’ll call my people and have them threaten your people.”


  2. I watched the first show pilot looks like a female Bourne action flick great stuff beat some of the politically correct nonsense we see on TV.



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