That Clint Eastwood Moment in Real Life.

What would really happen in real life after the words “Get off my lawn.” were uttered?

Had threatened teens earlier with an assault rifle.

(Highland Park)

A Korean veteran that threatened a group of teens with an M1 assault rifle for stepping on his front lawn, was shot and killed by Highland Park SWAT team when he refused to put down the weapon. Walt Kowalski (81) was known in the racially mixed neighborhood as a irascible man who would not associate with others. According to neighbors, he would usually use epithets against the mostly H’Mong population in his street. “Badgers,” “Spooks,” “Zipperheads” were common expression Kowalski used against Asian Americans according to Sue Lor, a neighbor.

According to the police report, the night before the confrontation with police, a group of local kids were horse playing next door when two of them accidentaly landed on Kowalski’s front lawn. Witnesses say that Kowalski came out of the house aiming his rifle to the teens and demanding that they leave or that he “blow a hole in your face and then I go in the house and I sleep like a baby.”

The teens ran away afraid for their lives and called 911. One of the teens filmed the event on his cell phone and turned it to the authorities. Due to the possible danger, police decided to use the SWAT team to arrest Kowalski. The neighborhood was evacuated and the SWAT team executed a no-knock warrant on Kowalski’s home which ended up with the shooting that took his life.

Cell phone image of Kowalski threatening H'Mong teens with his assault rifle.

Local priest Father Janovich commented that Kowalski had been angry, depressed and despondent after the death of his wife some months earlier. “I guess her death affected him more than we could imagine. He was irascible and abusive with everybody even calling me a ‘over-educated, 27-year-old virgin who held the hand of superstitious old women and promised them eternity.’ There is no doubt he had problems.”


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  1. No doubt that is exactly what would’ve happened in real life.

    One note, TV and radio station names east of the Mississippi River start with a “W.” Here in Detroit we have WDIV (NBC), WXYZ (ABC), WWJ (CBS), & WJBK (FOX.)


  2. “was shot and killed by Highland Park SWAT team when he refused to put down the weapon”

    hahahahahahahahahah………hahahahahahahahahaha…….no really……..hahahahahahahahahahaha……Highland Park SWAT team….

    Highland Park would have given Walt a medal and an honorary badge. You do realize that some parts of Iraq are safer than Highland Park and that it is surrounded on all sides by Detroit?

    The sheer decay and chaos of the place would blow your mind. In the mid 90’s until around 4 years ago, the Highland Park police didn’t exist. The city went bankrupt and the cops walked off the job, leaving behind a station house full of guns and drugs in the evidence room. Only the county and state cops would occasionally patrol the city.


  3. Gun Free….
    I think we “got” your point… a stupid sort of way…………



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