8 Replies to “Gun Motivator of the day: 10 Gauge Extra.”

    1. LOL! Man people don’t dip into the Arabian monster pantheon often enough!

      Now to let the gun g33k out of the bag, shotguns are called “Swiss Army Guns” because they can hunt damn near anything depending on what shells you use.

      if you have a 10 gauge you can fill it with birdshot and shoot rabbits and birdies and anything else and you’ll just have a REALLY good hit rate because your range and patter will be MUCH larger than a 12ga.

      Buckshot from a 10 will do exactly the same to a deer as a 12….just with a few more poke-holes.

      Slugs are really where the two part as 12 will work against the biggest stuff we have in North America, 10ga you could probably engage elephants, tho I’d still rather have a rifle.

  1. I want that with about a 14″ barrel length and cylinder bore. Two barrels loaded with 00 and one with a slug in case of tyrannosaur. Serious bedside shotty for things that go bump in the night.

  2. i enjoy shooting the ar-15 or the model 700 hundered 270 remington. i just rigged a new sun visor on it

  3. get real i dont need that not going to lie i want it but unless im startin world war 3 i dont need anything bigger then a .380 to cover my house

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