Miami Herald Fail: Revoke this license to kill. (w/ poll update)

Since the news of the Trayvon Martin case exploded, the Miami Herald has been beating twice as loud on repealing Stand Your Ground, law they hated since it started in 2005 (Yes, seven whole years) and had been badmouthing ever since.

I thought they were ready for an article tomorrow saying “A non scientific poll by the Herald shows that 99% of South Floridians want the law eliminated.” That the poll is within an article massacring the law is telling about how they want the results to go. Alas, apparently it won’t happen.

Drop by and have your opinion tallied.

The Herald has a long and illustrious history of having bad luck with feel good gun laws. Some years back and arguing in favor of Gun Free Zones, they declared to God & Country that the Miami Herald did not allow guns in its premises. First a reporter goes slightly googoo and brings a fake gun to the pit making everybody run for their lives and the subsequent police stand-off. Later a Miami commissioner who was the subject of a Miami Herald probe, went into the lobby of the building, called the reporter doing the story on him and while on the phone proceeded to shoot himself in the head.

If history repeats itself, it won’t be long before a member of the editorial staff will be involved in a self defense situation and hollering for Stand Your Ground.

And we will be laughing at the hypocrisy.

UPDATE 3/27/2012

Not getting any better. People not buying the narrative.

5 Replies to “Miami Herald Fail: Revoke this license to kill. (w/ poll update)”

  1. Question: if Zinnerman’s story is true (Martin attacked him, pinned him down, and beat his head against the sidewalk), would Zinnerman have been charged under the old “Duty to Retreat” laws?
    I think not.

    1. Remember that the DA had already it had him measured for manslaughter without enough evidence. The DA wouldn’t spend much by arresting and charging Zimmerman. If he is found not-guilty, he did his best but the jury spoke and they set him free, not him. And that is the danger of Duty to Retreat laws. I go back again to the Jay Rodney Lewis case in Iowa; the jury took under 2 hours to come up with the acquittal but by then Lewis had lost everything plus spent 112 days in Jail. STG returns to “Innocent till proven guilty in a court of law” instead of the other way around.

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