CSGV: NRA Hoodie? The Horror!

The Coalitio to Stop Gun Rights Violence is having one of its artificial fecal fits over a hoodie sold by the NRA.

Now, do notice the use of “In Wake of Murder of #Trayvon” to make it sound as if the NRA just placed this product in its catalog in celebration of the killing of Trayvon Martin although Apparently this items has been available for quite some time in the NRA store.

Of course, if we were to say that the CSGV’s “Lincoln Hoodie” is just a way to make money out of the corpse of Trayvon and all the victims of gun control, we would be called “Extremist” and “Insurrectionists” right?

Oh well….

8 Replies to “CSGV: NRA Hoodie? The Horror!”

  1. I’ve been so pissed I’ve avoided CSGV and avoided making any posts on the Coaltion for Truth about Firearms and Firearms Owners. [YEah I know…a real mouthful…*headshake* ]BECAUSE of all the gloating and false sympathy going on over there at CSGV.


  2. Miguel, this misinformation is about to take off. I’ve already seen references on sites like thinkprogress.org:

    Rifle Association has a new item in its online store: hoodies, with a special pocket designed to conceal a handgun.

    Do you have any verification/confirmation that this hoodie’s been on their website for awhile?


    1. Last Modified
      Right mouse click and then View Image.

      And if they actually buy that line that the hoodie was offered because of Trayvon…wait, they are Obama voters. Of course they are gonna believe that shit.



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