The Loud and Equivocal Narrative on Stand Your Ground

If you have spent anytime reading the accounts of what can happen if your state has a Stand Your Ground law, you should be sick of the amounts of lies and misinformation (but I repeat myself) that are freely spread all over. It actually reads like the disclaimers in prescription drug pamphlets & TV ads.
Withe the big caveat that I am not a Lawyer, not played on on TV,  let’s get to basics. In order to claim self defense under Stand Your Ground, you need to properly explain to authorities three basic but unmovable concepts were present: Ability, Opportunity and Jeopardy.

Ability means that the attacker possessed the means capable of causing death or
grievous bodily harm.Opportunity is showing that the attacker was close enough to use their ability against you. Jeopardy is the reasonable belief that your life is in immediate danger. I want to repeat the word reasonable and pass along a detail I heard from somebody many years ago: “It is not quite what seems reasonable to you but what a jury agrees that it was reasonable. Otherwise you are pretty much f*****”.

You will need all three to make a convincing argument for self-defense. If you shoot somebody who attacked with a wiffle bat, you can pretty much start making plans about spending time wearing orange jumpers. The guy may be armed with a machete, but if he is two blocks away, claiming self defense is gonna sound stupid to anybody in the jury box and you will be provided with a long vacation in a very short cell.

So basically the claims we have been hearing that Stand Your Ground is a permit to kill without consequences and whenever you feel like, are just malicious bull by either people with an anti gun agenda and faithful followers of an easy way to write a news article without using much of a brain.

There are a couple of other details such as Disparity of Force the Defense of Others that have influence in a Self-Defense case but I am not covering here. However for averagte gun owners and members of the media that are actually interested in a basic introduction to Slef Defense, you may want to click this link and download What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law, a small primer that will give you a good idea what the legal basis for self defense is all about.



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  1. I fear the next person who uses the “Stand Your Ground” defense will be railroaded and made an example of.

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