9 Replies to “CSGV: We lie on purpose.”

  1. “But if there was any doubt that the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence were perhaps misguided or uninformed are over: They are wantonly lying to their followers and the American people in general.”
    That ain’t news to those who pay attention.

  2. things i’ve seen them and/or Ladd say in the past two months:

    CSGV: Ohio CCWer sentenced to such amount time in jail for parking lot kill
    True Story: Ohio CCWer was shot to death by a 20 year old in a parking lot fight

    Starbucks Facebook Page, Pro-gunner mentioned “Gang-bangers”
    Ladd’s Response, “You just don’t like black kids”

    UK vs USA Violent Crimes are nearly the same rate.
    Gave them Aritcle from UK mentioning how Violent Crimes in UK are around 2000 in 100,000 v 450 in 100,000 in US.

    And you notice every time their is a shooting, they almost always announce it as a CCW licensee committing it.

    And let us not forget the Hoodie deal with the NRA, which they finally dropped and a few of us that know Google-Fu gave them the MetaData for the image that shows the (c) is 2011 for that image.

    1. That’s been their SOP the last few weeks. They are desperate for any sort of attention and relevancy that they’ve resorted to spamming Twitter and Facebook to try and dredge up support and hence becoming even more trollish than before.

      So far it doesn’t seem to have done them any good.

  3. Most, if not all, of the Anti’s Lie, Lie, and Lie again. How else can you come up with any way to make it sound like your God Given Rights are not being infringed upon by their asinine demands for more “Gun Control”. I already have plenty of gun control, it’s the only reason they are still able to spout off about our ‘horrible, violent hobby’ like they do. And THEY KNOW their crap about us gunnies being blood thirsty animals is BS, because if it were true there would be alot less anti’s around to spew their vitriol!!!

    The only surprise is they own up to it………

  4. I disagree with the “lie on purpose”. I don’t think they can tell the difference between the truth and a lie. When CSGV said “Not really”, and then lied, I think they meant “I don’t understand what you mean by more accurate so I’ll repeat my BS again”.

    My favorite part is #NoMoreNRA – a group with a few percent of the membership of the most powerful citizen’s lobbyist group is going to make them cease to exist? HAHAHA.

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