I’ve been saying it all along, prosecutors hate Stand Your Ground.

It is nice at least to have concrete proof that Prosecuting Attorneys have a natural disdain for the presumption of innocence.

“It’s almost like we now have to prove a negative — that a person was not acting in self-defense, often on the basis of only one witness, the shooter,” said Steven A. Jansen, the group’s (The Association of Prosecuting Attorneys)  vice president.

I guess that Burden of Proof thing is too much to ask. Remember that it is not that anybody that shoots somebody can claim Stand Your Ground status and walk free, far from it. The law is clearly defined and if you do not meet the basic requirements for Self Defense, you are going to be arrested and interrogated while they pile the evidence against you and I am all for it. But I am not for lazy prosecutorial tactics such as “He shot somebody? Arrest him and charge him with murder, let the jury sort it out.” just like it happened to Jay Rodney Lewis and Carlos Rodriguez.

Of course, if you are a bonafide criminal,you can rest assured the same prosecutors and court system will do their best to provide you with a nice plea deal that will put you back on the street as soon as possible.

3 Replies to “I’ve been saying it all along, prosecutors hate Stand Your Ground.”

  1. Truly I have been unfortunate somewhat to be born in the twilight of a civilization, where the lawful are discriminated against and the criminal given every opportunity to escape punishment.

    And people wonder why I say I was born in the wrong generation.

  2. “It’s almost like we now have to prove a negative”

    Damn! That almost sounds like “innocent until proven guilty”. What a terrible burden for the justice system.

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