Why we defend the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Author Brad Thor got this tweet just a few minutes ago:

I really do not know what is the scariest: that idiots like this still exist, that he is unaware of the connotation or that a new generation is being taught to be equally narrow-minded. There is a quote from 19th Century German poet Heinrich Heine that goes: “Where they burn books, so too will they in the end burn human beings.”

And sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the idiot above would mind it at all.


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  1. I think its pretty obvious that people who do things like this are motivated by pure ignorant hate. And this kind of hate is hate of “Other”, be “Other” be Blacks, Whites, Christians, Muslims, Conservatives, Liberals, Libertarians, Foreigners, etc.

    The “Other” mindset is a dehumanizing one. If Brad Thor, or Glenn Beck were murdered, he wouldn’t see it as one human killing another, but a human killing a lesser creature.

    I’m sure this guy also rejoiced at the lamentation of Andrew Breitbart’s family and friends. I’ve certainly seen so many of them out there, and I see no reason why this guy would be any different.


  2. Tisk tisk- all that carbon released into the atmosphere! Couldn’t this guy express his hate by like, downloading the kindle version and deleting it?

    And as for this Twitter twit, I get the feeling he thinks it’s OK because it’s Him Doing It. As Tam says, It’s Not Bad When We Do It!


  3. Do as I say not as I do.
    Rules/Civility/Oversight for thee, not for me.

    And so on. Ever sent this to Prof. Reynolds? He’d probably get the rest of the instapundit folk in an outrage and defeat this dude’s purpose.



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