CSGV: We do stupid right.

So CSGV tweets a link to a ThinkProgress article about Rules of Engagement in Irak and thinks the case is made for them.

A key component of the ROE used during the height of violence in Iraq in 2007 was the requirement to use “Graduated Force” when time and circumstances permit. Section 3.G.(1) states that if an individual “commit[s] a hostile act or demonstrat[es] hostile intent” — meaning he or she attacks U.S. or designated allied forces, nationals, or property, or threatens the imminent use of force against any of them — U.S. Force “may use force, up to and including deadly force, to eliminate the threat.” However, the rule also explicitly instructs forces, “when time and circumstances permit,” to use the following “graduated measures of force” when responding to hostile act or hostile intent:

3.G.(1)(A) (U) Shout verbal warnings to halt;

3.G.(1)(B) (U) Show your weapon and demonstrate intent to use it;

3.G.(1)(C) (U) Physically restrain, block access, or detain;

3.G.(1)(D) (U) Fire a warning shot (if authorized);

3.G.(1)(E) (U) Shoot to eliminate the threat.

Attention CSGV & ThinkProgress: It is hard to win by stating that a stupid set of rules that is killing our servicemen and women overseas should also be applied to civilians so they can get killed at home too.

I tried to look for a Colossal Facepalm image, but nothing available suited Stupidity Level Divided By Zero.


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  1. Playing on the Star Trek image….

    If all the anti-freedom, despots-in-training gun control advocates got together in a single room I would think that their combined denial of reality and stupidity would rip the fabric of space. Not even one of those incredibly effective Level 10 force fields erected by posting “No Guns Allowed” signs in gun free zones would stop the destruction of our universe.

    Back to reality…

    None of them were there and they know very few particulars about the incident. I will refrain from weighing in until a trial reveals the facts. Now if Mr. Zimmerman had followed the ROEs above and gotten killed, then we would not be having this discussion. This is a shameless attempt to make us defenseless.


  2. Man, so many libs spouting nonsensical dribble about this law. Got to wonder where it will end and are there enough of us to cut through there field of stupid. We know have big corps dropping away from the ALEC on account of the patently open and clear lies. I wonder how many of them have actually read the law?


  3. You know, if they weren’t so adamant about being ignorant of everything, they’d know how much soldiers complain about those rules of engagement. I’m quite sure it’s been discussed on gun blogs from time to time as well.



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