Damsel in No Distress. (Language Warning)

Via the Weapons Blog out of Legacy Control.

The narrative is that women are more interested in having the Government pay (that means all of us are forced to pay) for their “reproductive rights.” However more and more women are waking up to the fact that yes, it is your body and you should be able to do as you please with it and that includes the ability to defend it against unwanted hostile takeovers.

But a funny thing happens when women taste the freedom and independence a gun gives: They crave for more. It is like the perfect ice cream that comes in all your favorite flavors and does not increase your hips’ dimensions. Soon enough, they do not want some D.C. daddy (or mommy) telling them what they should do or that they will be provided by them and laugh at the offer knowing that just like an abusive partner, the fleeting moment of “love” will surely be followed by pain and disappointment when the chips are down.

You can say that gun ownership not only gives women the power to defend themselves but also removes both shackles and blindfolds. And that is a good thing in almost anybody’s book.

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  1. Mrs. Graybeard points out that if you carry the wrong gun for your size, it can make your hips appear larger.

    And , yes, she has pulled the “does this gun make me look fat” gag on me. 😉

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