Southern Exposure Training (Central Florida)

Sometimes I should really give myself a magnum size kick in the head. We have here in Florida a great location providing top notch firearms training and I keep forgetting to mention it: Southern Exposure Training Facility.

The website is pretty much in the 1990’s but the classes they offer are just too great to pass up. Here is the schedule for the rest of the year subject to change and that should be to add more classes.

Via post in a secret forum:


We have added three new classes for our training schedule for 2012 and I have have been working on booking quite a few more.

First, I am happy to announce that Steve Tarani will be able to return for two class at Southern: Hand to Hand Defense and Defensive Walking Stick.  Most of you know of Steve Tarani if not a Goggle will give you quite a bit  of information to read.  Steve is one of the outstanding martial artists in the US today and is employed full time by one of our alphabet agencies so I am happy that he could get the time to join us again this year.  If you have never had a class from Steve you need to do so. The dates and descriptions are listed below.

Second Bill Jeans will return for his acclaimed Advanced Concealed Carry Handgun class.  This class is designed for the civilian and professional person who carries concealed on a daily basis.  Bill is one of the outstanding instructors today and has been quietly teaching for more than 40 years to both LEO, military and civilians.  We have been able to book Bill for September.

 See descriptions below for the new classes added in the email below.

Please book your classes early as most are sold out by class time.   I am amazed that 96% of our classes are sold out by start time and I give credit to that to the caliber of instructors we bring in.

All classes are taught by Mr. Randy Cain ( unless otherwise noted.


Apr 20 – 22 Intermediate Handgun  This class focuses on trigger control.  The prerequisite is a Tactical Handgun 101.  Expect to fire lots of rounds, in the last class we sent
over 1500 rounds down range and Randy requires his same high degree of
accuracy.  All who have taken this class enjoyed it and look forward to
a repeat.  Once you have mastered the basics of the draw stroke, turns and pivots, positions, malfunctions clearances, etc you are ready to spend three days on the trigger.  Repetition done correctly is the road to perfection.  This is my personal favorite handgun class. Prerequisites.  Three days $495.00

Apr 23 – 25 Shotgun 1  This is my favorite all time class
offered. The shotgun is the ultimate home defense weapon in my opinion,
some prefer the AR platform with its 55 grain bullet, some a handgun
with its 230 grain bullet but I really like a one ounce slug. Like Mr.
Cain says those other caliber are made to make holes in people but
shotguns are made to take “chunks” out. After this class I am sure the shotgun will be your home defense weapon of choice too, such a simple tool! I have a few loaded around my house at all times. Three great days for $495.00

April 27 – 29  Viking Tactics – Kyle Lamb Carbine 1.5.  This is an outstanding more “advanced” carbine class (prerequisites needed) and this course is required for Kyle’s “Night Fighter” and “Street Fighter” classes. Many know of Kyle Lamb from his excellent book “Green Eyes and Black Rifle” considered by many to be the finest carbine  bible published today.  He is also an outstanding instructor of the new breed. Three days $600.00  Prerequisites.  Wait list only

May 18 – 20 Louis Awerbuck YFA  HITT Handgun incorporating our new live fire shoot house.  High Intensity Tactical Training is a class developed in 1991 by Mr. Awerbuck to help students solve real life tactical problems, very few schools offer this type of training and is only for those who have mastered the “square range” therefore prerequisites are required, certainly an advanced class. Prerequisites apply.  $600.00 for three days.  Limited enrollment.

May 25 – 27 Tactical Handgun 101  The most popular class
we offer and the most repeated because it concerns the fundamentals of
shooting and tactics.  All students will be better shooter under the
diagnostic ability of Mr. Cain  I urge all serious students to repeat this class twice a year.  Three days $495.00

May 28 – 30  Tactical Carbine   Many experienced shooters consider this
the best carbine class available as it really focuses on the
fundamentals and if you aren’t schooled in the fundamentals you will never succeed with the carbine.  Mr. Cain requires a high level of accuracy and competence with the weapon. I recommend this class for all wishing to take the more “advanced carbine” classes we offer and will go so far as to say that those who do best in the advanced carbine classes I have witnessed have attended this class at least once.   $495.00 for three days.

August 17 & 18 Steve Tarani – Hand to Hand Defense   A must for those seeking training in empty hand response using the natural and personal weapons attached to your body. This course presents the essentials of the Personal Weapons Ladder methodology. Already behind the power curve when it gets to hands-on, you need the reactive edge to overcome a close quarter personal altercation where you cannot or do not have the time to access any other means of handling the situation other than personal weapons. Since most altercations happen a bad breath distance you must first be able to defend yourself from the initial attack before you can go to weapons.  This is a very simple system to learn and we have had students from all walks of life take this class with good results.  Two days for $295.00

August 19 & 20  Steve Tarani – Defensive Walking Stick (Cane).  This course provides training in appropriate carry, rapid deployment, overall safe operational handling and manipulation of the walking stick/ cane in a defensive manner. The walking stick and cane can be carried on an airplane, in a courthouse, police station, Federal buildings and in countries where both firearms and edged weapons are not permitted. This course additionally provides training in defense against sudden assaults by attackers wielding contact weapons at close quarters.  This has been one of out most popular classes as it is easy to learn and a much better weapon than a knife for most of us.  Two days for $295.00

Sept 21 – 23 Bill Jeans Advanced Concealed Carry Handgun.  The name really describes the class.  It is a concealed carry handgun course a that will cover various cover garments and various ways of deployment.  It is something most of us don’t consider until we are faced with deployment of our firearm.  This class assumes your are proficient with your shooting skills and requires prerequisites.  It is a class all of us should consider taking.  Three days for $525.00

I expect to add a few classes for June and for the fall of 2012 shortly.

Please contact me via email to book any classes or if I can help in any
way.  bigsfish(at)bellsouth(dot)net   Or use the direct link on the web

All classes at Southern Exposure will have a nominal range fee of $10.00
per day.

The email belongs to Irv who is the honcho at Southern Exposure. Well, he says he is, I vote for his wife. Do join his mailing list and ladies, keep an eye for Randy Cain’s Lady’s Class. I’ve been told it is a darn good one. Steve Tarani will one day be a part of my instruction, specially since the day one of his students disarmed me in less than a second with a t-shirt. I am still trying to figure how did he do it and why my arm went into a sudden spasm.
I have taken Tactical Handgun 101 with Randy Cain. Even though it says “tactical” it is a deep instruction in to the basics of handgun shooting. Perhaps the best class out there for the money, the quality and Randy’s bon-mots. Did I mention you will be shooting in the dark with only your little tac light at 50 yards and more? And you will hit the target too!

If you don’t know about the rest of the instructors, you really need to put down your X-Box and get out there.

I’ll post updates whenever they come up.

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