8 Replies to “CSGV has vision problems.”

  1. Man, all us gun toting honky crackers look the same to those non-gun toting honky crackers.

    If Zimmerman is a “Caucasian Latino” they must be assuming that Jindall is a Caucasian Indian….he’s wearing a tie and everything.

    1. Caucasian is defined by skull morphology. White is defined by cultural bias. I was born in a ghetto that was mixed Hispanic/Italian/Irish/Russian Ashkenazi. All are Caucasian, none, at the time and place, were acknowledged as White, even though many were blue eyed blondes with the blood of the Rus.

      Gov. Nindal is Caucasian and in India, by Indians, would be considered “White.” Aryan even. The Australoid Davidians are the Blacks.

      But Louisiana ain’t India. Neither is Missouri. Boston is right out.

  2. Then they should have gone to dinner with us and we could have introduced them to Rick Ector of Legally Armed in Detroit, or one of a dozen black veterans I had the pleasure of meeting.

    Then again, they wouldn’t have gone to dinner with us, because they’re not interested in hearing the truth.

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