I am guessing them signs did not work out after all.

Armed robbers attack pregnant clerk. And the robbers ignored the signs and the surveillance cameras and “somehow” defeated the cage.

Clerk Murshada Khondaker, who is four months pregnant, said she had stepped out from behind protective glass encasing the cashier’s counter at the store so she could change a hot food tray when two gun-wielding men attacked her…..Khondaker’s husband owns the convenience store where the men carried out the crime, despite posted warnings of a stiff penalty and despite surveillance cameras capturing video of every move. …

Now they are going for something with a somewhat bigger bite:

“This morning, me and my husband decided we are going to buy a gun.”

And get some training while you are it. Be safe.

2 Replies to “I am guessing them signs did not work out after all.”

  1. Take a CCW course and then take an advanced CCW course.
    Carry openly in the store (just as they do in gun stores) and have an extra gun handy somewhere close.
    Practice your DRAW not just shooting,


  2. Boy I can’t believe that strict NO GUNS warning sign didn’t do any good. Do you think those poor boys knew they were breaking the law? I think that woman should be held liable for bruising their poor hands. They’re just poor, misunderstood young waifs….who probably couldn’t even read the NO GUNS sign.



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