Tyranny hates an armed populace.

The Nuevo Herald (Spanish version of the Miami Herald) reports today about why really the Chavez Government closed down its consulate in Miami. I’ll leave out most of the political crap, but the gist has to do with the application of Persona Non Grata status to Consul Livia Acosta who allegedly was doing some espionage work for Venezuela and Cuba. One of the cables among the Venezuelan intelligence honchos recommended to have her removed quietly before the S*** hit the Fan, afraid of what they call the ” Cuban-American mafia” might take a potshot at her.

“Vale la pena recordar que Miami no es como cualquier otra jurisdicción consular en Estados Unidos. Como usted bien sabe, las mafias terroristas mayameras están activas, incluyendo las venezolanas que han encontrado refugio en esa ciudad”, señaló Rivero.

“Miami, a diferencia de otras ciudades que tienen leyes estrictas para el porte de armas, es una ciudad con altos índices de armas en manos de civiles. La historia de la relación de los hermanos cubanos con esa ciudad podría servir de ejemplo de que en Miami las cosas son distintas a otras ciudades”,

“It is worth remembering that Miami is not like any other consular jurisdiction in the United States. As you know, the terrorist mafias “mayameras” are active, including the Venezuelans who have found refuge in that city, “said Rivero.

Miami, unlike other cities that have strict laws for the carrying of weapons, is a city with high rates of weapons in civilian hands. The history of the Cuban brothers relationship with that city could be an example of that in Miami, things are different to other cities,”

Damn skippy we are packing. It is funny to see that even the intelligence services of Venezuela have bought the BS of the Antis. And sure as hell do not like the idea of civilians being armed…..like the Antis. So are we safe in assuming that the Antis are Chavistas? 😉

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  1. Given that Chavez rules like a wet dream for the Anti’s? Sure.

    He’s against all guns, save for those in the hands of his flunkies and cronies.

    You know what they say about a state that can’t trust the average citizen with a gun.

  2. Hell they recently took steps to close the gun shops in Venezuela because as Jack pointed out…the Venezuelan Gov’t [Chavez and friends] don’t want any usable..well any MORE usable weapons in the hands of it’s citizens.

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