Australia Awash in Guns…Unimpossible!

It was supposed to be perfect and gun free, but reality bites back and hard.

SYDNEY woke up Tuesday morning to the news of five more shootings overnight. In one incident, bullets sprayed upstairs bedroom windows near where five small children and two adults were sleeping.

That was the eighth shooting in four days and the 19th this month. This is intolerable

Apparently, both Gun Control and Border security a joke is not quite working so well in Australia. And if the Government Officials are in on it, the whole thing is nothing but a bad joke.

I have an Aussie I follow on Twitter that goes under the name of @ShooterGuru. If he is a faithful representation of Australian Shooters, they are as dedicated and loyal as their counterparts in this side of the puddle. But they are fighting a nasty battle trying to recoup the basic right of self-defense against both criminals and the government.

I’ve been listening to the speeches from the last NRA Annual Meeting and I am glad that our efforts now will start including spreading the God Given Right of Keep and Bear Arms to outside our borders. In this era of instant global communications, we can lend our expertise to brother and sisters worldwide. We are winning the battle at home, it bis time to expand our battlefront all over the world. We are an oasis right now but we must aim to recede the desert and cover the world with freedom once again.

Power to the people is not the image of a fashionable hippie lifting his left hand in a fist but of a citizen safe and secure in his life because he has the tools to confront and overcome the evil that attacks him.

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  1. Apparently illicit drugs are the problem but the answer is to make them more illicit…

    “What the incidents have in common is drugs. On the one hand we have criminals – whether bikie gangs or middle eastern crime gangs – fighting a turf war for the lucrative illegal drugs market. On the other hand we have those unfortunate victims of the drugs market, both the users suffering a psychotic breakdown in which they become a danger to the public, and the police who have to risk their lives to stop them.

    Into the middle of this social disaster, rides the drug legalisation crowd, to make everything much worse.

    Pushed along by St Vincent’s Hospital’s irrepressible Dr Alex Wodak, along with such luminaries as our new Foreign Minister Bob Carr, a think tank called Australia 21 released a report this month urging politicians to decriminalise illegal drugs because the war on drugs has been a failure.

    The problem is not that the war on drugs has failed; it is that we have surrendered our first line of defence to the criminals.

    We’ve made it as easy for drug importers and gun-runners as we did for people smugglers.”


  2. If they can’t control the flow of illegal guns to an island, for God’s sake, how could anyone possibly think they could keep guns from criminals anywhere?

    Which proves yet again, it’s not about guns, it’s about control.


    1. “If they can’t control the flow of guns to an island….”
      FTFY, since essentially they’re all illegal. 😉

      Otherwise, my thoughts exactly: “Border security”? What “border”? They don’t have “borders;” they have the freaking ocean for crying out loud!



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