My fix has finally been delivered!

I am an unrepentant Book Junkie. Although I try to pace myself, I usually end up re-reading my favorite or important books. As a matter of fact I just finished once more with April 1865, The Month That Saved America. Honor founded this Country and Honor saved it.

I’ll be licking my chops with these two books. I’ll let you know later how they fare.

Really quick about why Horse Soldiers interested me: I find fascinating that the first great war of the 21st Century and perhaps the most technological ever fought started by soldiers on horseback and practically living off the land.

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  1. Horse shoulders will also show you how unprepared we were for the war. SF guys had to go to retail store for batteries and boot ect. It is a great read and every one in a combat unit ,supporting unit or about to enter the military should read it.

  2. I see you and raise you, circa 1966 the two volume set by Louis Pollak. The Constitution and The Supreme Court: A Documentary History. Original 1966 set 1st and for all I know…probably the ONLY edition. Edition as in how many times a PRINTING/Run of a book has been reprinted. Just started it, interestin so far.

  3. Same place I got that has a 18 or19 volume set of The Letters and Papers of the Presidents. All 19 volumes for $80. I’d get em but I’ve got no place to PUT em. 🙁

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