Why should we support Duty to Retreat?

  • Because anybody can outrun a bullet.
  • Because a 100Lb woman will fend off a 200lbs rapist with a whistle and a tongue depressor while wearing high heels.
  • Because cops truly enjoy telling family that a loved one was murdered.
  • Because rape is just kinky sex, relax and enjoy it. Bring condoms.
  • Because colostomy bags are all the fashion rage right now.
  • Because stabbing is just extreme piercing with some leaking.
  • Because a robber will stop if you ask him politely.
  • Because mobs are a figment of your imagination.
  • Because you should trust your life to a condiment.
  • Because being bashed to death with a baseball bat is morally superior than defending yourself.
  • Because you shouldn’t be in the streets anyway. Buy online, work from home, be a hermit.
  • Because criminals respect Gun Free Zone signs.
  • Because Carjackings are nothing more than vehicular redistribution. Share your wealth.
  • Because that Meth Head attacking you in the alley can be calmed down by singing “Amazing Grace.”

12 Replies to “Why should we support Duty to Retreat?”

  1. Hey! I take exception to this one: “Because you shouldn’t be in the streets anyway. Buy online, work from home, be a hermit.”

    I do work from home, and I definitely have hermit leanings.

    Why does everyone hate the wfh crowd? Is it jealousy over our commutes?


  2. And there’s this attempt to tie the various aspects of Self Defense (Carrying a gun, Stand Your Ground, ect) in with racism.

    As if one was to say to Alex and the Droogs before the Ultraviolence commences “You know, before the raping and beating and robbing starts, if you were members of a racial minority, I’d shoot you. However, since you’re white…I’m not going to resist.”


  3. Sooo… instead of carrying around a heavy chunk of metal, I could just prepare myself to do all of that?

    Where do I sign up?


  4. – Because those aren’t gang-bangers kicking in your door; they’re contractors doing some … “forcible remodeling.” Just step into your bathroom, you’ll be fine. They promise.
    – Because they’ll only take what they need, and they obviously need it more than you. Share the wealth, you greedy bastard. They’re taking your life? How dare you try to keep it from them!
    – Because the only police officer in town that wasn’t laid off has nothing else to do tonight and will be swinging in to help in about six hours.
    – Because if you just give them what they want, they’ll go away. They only want your daughter. It’s OK, you can make another one. Don’t fight it.

    Snark aside, these people and their vision for the world sicken me.



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